player: Alex Frey

Alex Frey

player:Alexandrina Naydenova

Alexandrina Naydenova

player: Alexi Gill

Alexi Gill

player:Alexis Gulden

Alexis Gulden

player: Aminah Hill

Aminah Hill

player:Anna Davydova

Anna Davydova

player: Blythe Hastings

Blythe Hastings

player:Brigita Bercyte

Brigita Bercyte

player: Darius Makenzie

Darius Makenzie

player:Dominic Stefanov

Dominic Stefanov

player: Dylan Zapata

Dylan Zapata

player:Finlay Hastings

Finlay Hastings

player: Franchesca Castellarin

Franchesca Castellarin

player:Jeffrey McDaniel

Jeffrey McDaniel

player: Joanna Zada

Joanna Zada

player:Jordan Rodnick

Jordan Rodnick

player: Joshua Wang

Joshua Wang

player:Kai Nakamura

Kai Nakamura

player: Kaithlen Rodnick

Kaithlen Rodnick

player:Katherine Monroy

Katherine Monroy

player: Katie Yang

Katie Yang

player:Kelsie Bryant

Kelsie Bryant

player: Kento Perera

Kento Perera

player:Kirsten Eggers

Kirsten Eggers

player: Leanne Sturman

Leanne Sturman

player:Marc Conliffe

Marc Conliffe

player: Masato Perera

Masato Perera

player:Mattea Kilstofte

Mattea Kilstofte

player: Matthew Wu

Matthew Wu

player:Nikolay Ivanov

Nikolay Ivanov

player: Oliver Piltch

Oliver Piltch

player:Patrick Kim

Patrick Kim

player: Paul Conliffe

Paul Conliffe

player:Peter Jivkov

Peter Jivkov

player: Phillip Hicks

Phillip Hicks

player:Samuel Boulanger

Samuel Boulanger

player: Sebastian Padilla

Sebastian Padilla

player:Stephanie Conliffe

Stephanie Conliffe

player: Taryn Mjelde

Taryn Mjelde

player:Tessa Kaplan

Tessa Kaplan

player: Tyler Briges

Tyler Briges

player:Victor Liu

Victor Liu

player: Yuka Perera

Yuka Perera

player:Yvonne Lekimanova

Yvonne Lekimanova

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News & Announcements

• DIMITAR Tennis Academy and EleVen by Venus have joined forces to offer our First Annual Pro Am Tournament. Distinguished local tennis professionals met and played at the Elings Park Tennis Center in Santa Barbara, CA

DIMITAR Tennis Academy and EleVen by Venus have joined forces to offer our First Annual Pro Am Tournament

• Vasyl Yazadzhiev won the "Little Mo" Consolation Tournament in Florida for Boys-9 after defeating on the final the second seeded Andres Ovalle with 6-3 6-1

Vasyl Yazadzhiev won the Little Mo Consolation Tournament in Florida for Boys-9

• Our junior clinics are now certified for independent PE program.

• We are proud to announce the new "Tennis and Language Program” for international tennis players. The program is for non-English speaking junior tennis players who can come and train at Santa Barbara School of Tennis as they learn English in a leading ESL program in Santa Barbara, California. For more information, please contact us.

• Please join us in congratulating Aminah Hill, Calisa Dellabarca and Vasyl Yazadzhiev for being selected to represent Santa Barbara/Ventura Competitive Training Center (CTC) in 2015!

• Our HEAD Exclusive pro-shop is now online. It is called Tennis-Depot and offers HEAD tennis rackets, bags, shoes, and strings as well as Penn tennis balls.

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