player: Alex Frey

Alex Frey

player:Alexandrina Naydenova

Alexandrina Naydenova

player: Alexi Gill

Alexi Gill

player:Alexis Gulden

Alexis Gulden

player: Aminah Hill

Aminah Hill

player:Anna Davydova

Anna Davydova

player: Blythe Hastings

Blythe Hastings

player:Brigita Bercyte

Brigita Bercyte

player: Darius Makenzie

Darius Makenzie

player:Dominic Stefanov

Dominic Stefanov

player: Dylan Zapata

Dylan Zapata

player:Finlay Hastings

Finlay Hastings

player: Franchesca Castellarin

Franchesca Castellarin

player:Jeffrey McDaniel

Jeffrey McDaniel

player: Joanna Zada

Joanna Zada

player:Jordan Rodnick

Jordan Rodnick

player: Joshua Wang

Joshua Wang

player:Kai Nakamura

Kai Nakamura

player: Kaithlen Rodnick

Kaithlen Rodnick

player:Katherine Monroy

Katherine Monroy

player: Katie Yang

Katie Yang

player:Kelsie Bryant

Kelsie Bryant

player: Kento Perera

Kento Perera

player:Kirsten Eggers

Kirsten Eggers

player: Leanne Sturman

Leanne Sturman

player:Marc Conliffe

Marc Conliffe

player: Masato Perera

Masato Perera

player:Mattea Kilstofte

Mattea Kilstofte

player: Matthew Wu

Matthew Wu

player:Nikolay Ivanov

Nikolay Ivanov

player: Oliver Piltch

Oliver Piltch

player:Patrick Kim

Patrick Kim

player: Paul Conliffe

Paul Conliffe

player:Peter Jivkov

Peter Jivkov

player: Phillip Hicks

Phillip Hicks

player:Samuel Boulanger

Samuel Boulanger

player: Sebastian Padilla

Sebastian Padilla

player:Stephanie Conliffe

Stephanie Conliffe

player: Taryn Mjelde

Taryn Mjelde

player:Tessa Kaplan

Tessa Kaplan

player: Tyler Briges

Tyler Briges

player:Victor Liu

Victor Liu

player: Yuka Perera

Yuka Perera

player:Yvonne Lekimanova

Yvonne Lekimanova

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News & Announcements

• Vasyl Yazadzhiev played very successfuly in the prestigious tournament GD World Junior Tennis Masters Turkey 2015.

Vasyl Yazadzhiev won the Little Mo Consolation Tournament in Florida for Boys-9

• Our junior clinics are now certified for independent PE program.

• We are proud to announce the new "Tennis and Language Program” for international tennis players. The program is for non-English speaking junior tennis players who can come and train at Santa Barbara School of Tennis as they learn English in a leading ESL program in Santa Barbara, California. For more information, please contact us.

Vasyl Yazadzhiev won the Little Mo Consolation Tournament in Florida for Boys-9

• Please join us in congratulating Aminah Hill, Calisa Dellabarca and Vasyl Yazadzhiev for being selected to represent Santa Barbara/Ventura Competitive Training Center (CTC) in 2015!

• Our HEAD Exclusive pro-shop is now online. It is called Tennis-Depot and offers HEAD tennis rackets, bags, shoes, and strings as well as Penn tennis balls.

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